Fate-match book 1

For polar bear shifter Brice, life is good. He’s recently become mayor of his beloved small town, Whispcreek, and his godparents—two of the legendary Fate-Matchmakers—have assured he’ll soon have his very own Fate-Match. When he finds her, Brice can hardly believe his luck. Missy is all gorgeous feminine curves, smart, sexy, sassy… and a rabbit shifter. There’ll be no end of teasing from his friends. But he’s a big burly bear; Brice can protect her from a little teasing—and anything else that comes along.

'Can't wait for the next story in this series! This is such a fresh and original take on a supernatural world'

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Joelle Izack is a writer with a fascination for happily ever after. Leaning towards romance, science fiction, and fantasy genres, Joelle has authored and self-published a shifter sizzling romance novel.

After two decades of working in the Information Technology industry, she launched her career in writing in 2017.

Joelle can also be seen writing more contemporary happily ever after under the name Opal Iden. Find out more about this author at