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Posted on 07/04/2020 in Everyday Things

Fantastic to be back in Arizona… who knew I’d miss the desert I’ve lived in as an adult more than the pacific ocean I swam in as a kid.

We left Virginia just days before it was shut down the first time for Covid-19. Arrived in Arizona days before their shut down.

The idea of a pandemic an unrealized truth in most of the world’s minds still.

Yet, the places we stopped, no matter their location, metropolitan city with newer buildings and shinier floors or the small family ran motels in the middle of fields and small towns, the conscious effort everyone took, affordable or not. was impressive.

As we traveled west, the steps businesses were taking to keep their patrons safe went beyond what I expected so early in the crisis.

We came across convenience stores that had barristers. Hotels that offered rooms with empty rooms between.

Most of the time our drive through was long and tiring. But those moments of everyday people making changes for the good of others and their livelihood made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We arrived in Arizona with no place to live. But angels visited us in the form of a friend not being able to take possession of their new purchase home. Covid-19 struck, again.

For three months we lived surrounded by boxes, working from home in a house that echoed with our temporary living.

I am happy to say, our blessings allowed us to find a house we love.  Newly moved into the new home we’ve painted walls, enjoyed BBQ’s in the sun, and fall into bed exhausted from unpacking, smiling, and dreaming of lollipops.

So thank you everyone for making our drive across the country safer.  Thank you, our angels, for letting us stay in your home for 3 months and we are very thankful for our new home and health.

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic that has changed our salutation from “good night” to “hope you stay well.”


Hope all of you and your family are well.

~ Joelle

Photo © Joelle Izack, LLC

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