More to do – More to come.

Been working on a couple of projects, including Fate-Match 2, being a new writer, I’ve made some mistakes. I’m finally straightening them out and hope to have it to you by the beginning of the year.

I have spent some time trying to figure out the whole web presence thing, at this time, Amazon Author, GoodReads I haven’t figured out how to tie to my website except as a button on the webpage.

Linkedin and Twitter are the only two I might have set up correctly to auto-populate with new blogs.

Facebook and Instagram are tied up in their black-hole of “security” measures and might never work. I’ll let you know if they work; if I’ve had to scrap the old and hire someone to make a new; or if I abandon them all together.

Have patience, and I’ll be back with Hank and Faith’s story soon.

Joelle Izack

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