One More Step Forward

Well, I’ve decided my social media presence.


It’s all about time and aptitude. My time is better spent writing, and my aptitude is in need of improvement when it comes to working with the ins and outs of linking the various platforms.

Besides, I write slow enough now, that too much piddling around on the web will lead to longer stretches between releases. *cough, cough*

Check out the links at the bottom of and click for E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And add me to your friend list.

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On another note, working hard on

Hank: Fate-Match book 2

Our black bear hero is, right this moment, racing around back streets and alleys tracking a madman.

Here’s hoping Hank and the Guys are successful before the crazy dragon succeeds in his plan to eliminate the future of Fate-Matches to come.

Have a great Holiday Season,


More to do – More to come.

Been working on a couple of projects, including Fate-Match 2, being a new writer, I’ve made some mistakes. I’m finally straightening them out and hope to have it to you by the beginning of the year.

I have spent some time trying to figure out the whole web presence thing, at this time, Amazon Author, GoodReads I haven’t figured out how to tie to my website except as a button on the webpage.

Linkedin and Twitter are the only two I might have set up correctly to auto-populate with new blogs.

Facebook and Instagram are tied up in their black-hole of “security” measures and might never work. I’ll let you know if they work; if I’ve had to scrap the old and hire someone to make a new; or if I abandon them all together.

Have patience, and I’ll be back with Hank and Faith’s story soon.

Joelle Izack