Shelly Laurenston Strikes Again!

It is just not fair we have to wait till next year for this book. Laurenston has done it once again.

Hits us with a dangerously quirky woman and the out of the ordinary man who loves her. Who knew one panic-driven badger prodigy could mesh so well with our meandering panda bodyguard….and in what world does Kyle sound like the worried rational one?

Laurenston’s world, that’s who…hold on tight cause Stevie and Shen are going to lead us on a wild adventure.

If you haven’t read the first book In the The Honey Badger Chronicles, Hot and Badgered, you’re just missing out on where the fun begins!

Hurry up Laurenston, we need more and more.


***Excerpt reviewed provided by NETGALLEY***

Go Galen!

I stumbled across Anna Hackett’s Galactic Gladiators by accident. But once I read Harper and Raiden’s story I couldn’t wait to finish them all.

Now that the last book for the House of Galen has come out, I’m glad I stuck with it. And its couple? Our two self-sacrificing leaders of the stranded humans and the House of Galen Gladiators… There is strong exciting action with gladiator fights, desert beasts and ambushes that thread through this love story, keeping it kinetic.

I have no other option but wait with bated breath for the next series in this world…. Hurry Anna Hurry!